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Matt McGuire





Television Shows

Title Network Credit
Power Rangers Beast Morphers Nicleodeon Composer
Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty Nicktoons Composer
Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS Teletoon Composer
Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc V Nicktoons Composer
Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal FOX / CW Composer
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's FOX / CW Composer
Sabrina (Animated) ABC Composer
Chaotic FOX / CW Composer
Dinosaur King FOX / CW Composer
Sonic X FOX / CW Composer
Winx Club FOX / CW Composer
Viva Pi´┐Żata FOX Composer
Shaman King FOX Composer
G.I. Joe Sigma 6 FOX Composer
F-Zero FOX Composer
Fighting Foodons FOX Composer
Ultimate Muscle FOX Composer
One Piece FOX Composer
Extreme Dinosaurs Syndicated Composer
Pocket Dragons Syndicated Composer
Liberty's Kids PBS Composer


Title Credit  
Battlecreek Composer  
Homme Less Composer  
Jersey Boys Composer (Additional Music)  
Mulberry Child Composer  
Aarakshan - Additional Music Composer  
Raajneeti - Additional Music Composer  
Lahore - Additional Music Composer  
Ferngully 2 Featured Song  
Dennis The Menace CC Composer  
Monster Mash Composer / Songwriter  
Bridges Of Madison County Pre-production  
Archies Jugman Featured Song  
Titanic - The Legend Goes On Composer  

Songs (partial list)

Title Artist Credit
Chaff And Grain (also cut by Martin Taylor) Kyle Eastwood (CD Title: From There To Here) Writer/Piano
Watch, Watch Kyle Eastwood (CD Title: From There To Here) Writer/Piano
Solace Kyle Eastwood (CD Title: From There To Here) Writer/Piano
Enter Evening Kyle Eastwood (CD Title: From There To Here) Writer/Piano
Dada Baba NuNu Kyle Eastwood (CD Title: From There To Here) Co-writer
Take Me Or Leave Me Alone Ashley Jay (CD Title: Only When) Co-writer
Here In Ferngully Featured song in the motion picture "Ferngully 2" Co-writer
It's About Time Featured song in the movie "Archie's - Jugman) Co-writer

In-Show And Network Uses (partial list)

Sample In-Show Uses Networks Credit
Oprah Syndicated Composer
Friends NBC Composer
Regis & Kathie FOX Composer
Extreme Makeover ABC Composer
Ms Adventure CBS Composer
Wild Card Lifetime Composer
Alias ABC Composer
Private Practice ABC Composer
Pushing Daisies ABC Composer
The View ABC Composer
Ugly Betty ABC Composer
20/20 ABC Composer
General Hospital ABC Composer
All My Children ABC Composer
The Bachelor ABC Composer
ABC World News ABC Composer
Big Shots ABC & WB Composer
Good Morning America ABC Composer
One Life To Live ABC Composer
Grey's Anatomy ABC Composer